Focused on Strengthening our Community through Safety, 

Health/Wellness, the Arts, and Pathways for Education and Career

Proudly Endorsed by Elk Grove City Councilmembers, Assemblymember Jim Cooper, and many more.

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Koi's Platform

Artist: Gerry "Gos" Simpson and student artists from Elk Grove high schools

Commitment to Public Safety and Health/Wellness

Our community has experienced exponential growth, and we're expected to  amass a population of 225k+ by 2028. Let's be sure that we can foundationally support this growth.

I will be certain that our residents--our greatest resources--are safe, protected, and thriving when it matters the most. That's why I support the increase in firefighters, emergency resources, and safe and maintained parks.

Richer Partnerships that Create Pathways for Education and Career

Cosumnes CSD is the perfect community partner to be the bridge between the City Council, the Elk Grove and Galt school districts, and local unions, trades, and apprenticeship programs. With parks, recreation, and fire districts under one umbrella, the CSD board has prime opportunity to be a regional leader in innovative educational and career pathways.

My goal is to capitalize on programs that are working, and maximize them for greater community impact. This includes deeper partnerships with our high schools to place students who aren't college bound on solid career paths that will not only allow them to live in their hometown, but work there too. This strategy also applies to adults who need a hand up to realize successful career paths.

Artist: Matt Trammel and student artists from Elk Grove high schools

Bustling Arts and Culture Community

It's true that the arts promote unity, empathy, compassion, and connectedness. Art crosses boundaries, fosters understanding, and bridges divides. There's no question that children who are exposed to arts education experience better outcomes, and communities see less crime. And possibly most important, we know that art plays a vital role in our overall mental and physical health. 

My plan is to partner with art organizations, schools, and local businesses to turn Elk Grove into an art and entertainment-rich community in which we can live, play, and thrive.

Campaign Kick Off Remarks

Check out Elk Grove Councilmembers Stephanie Nguyen and Pat Hume, as they help Koi Rivers kick off her campaign for the Cosumnes Community Services (CSD) Board. 


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